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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Job Update

Happy new, happy news! The university who will be handling the National Testing Agency does want to hire me! Woo-hoo! So now I've got to get that application completed and turned in. If everything works out, I will be doing pretty much the same job I'm doing now, in the same place, but working for Wayland Baptist University. Yea!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Well, so much for that resolution to do more consistent blogging! :)

Can you believe that the summer of 2010, or at least the vacation from school, is ending already? It has flown by for us. Spring soccer ended the same time softball began, around the beginning of June. All three of the kids played soccer last season, but only Makaley played softball. I like soccer, but I especially enjoyed softball. I apparently have fond memories of my 2 years of playing back in 5th & 6th grades. Makaley really enjoyed it, too. And she played very well! She only struck out two times all season, and they were both during one of our last games. She said it was because Coach Todd wasn't there that night at the pitcher's mound to remind her to smile. But we'd also gone swimming that day, which is a no-no for game days, so she was very tired. Sorry ... but it was a last-minute make-up game and we had already made those swimming plans!

Since softball, we haven't done much besides swimming. We bowled a few times, and went to the Putt-Putt place twice, but I don't think we ever even made it to the skating rink. Susannah did take swim lessons earlier in the summer. She really loves to swim and is great at it. I was reluctant to pay for private swim lessons, but boy, she learned so much more! Last year was the first time we did that, and I didn't hesitate this year to sign her up again.

This past weekend we took 2 1/2 days and went to Bricktown in Oklahoma City. We stayed in a fancy suite at the Hampton Inn and really had a nice time. The kids got to swim at the indoor pool so many times they were actually bored with the place by the last day. On Monday we rode the "Bricktown Water Taxi" down the canal, which is similar to the boats on the San Antonio Riverwalk. We learned a lot about OKC history from the tour guides there. We floated past some awesome bronze sculptures depicting land rush scenes. The detail was unbelievable. I really liked those! We ate lunch at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill and then rode around Bricktown on the free trolley. On Tuesday we went to Frontier City. This was the first time we have gone when it wasn't a special discount day and super crowded. It was amazing to be able to ride whatever we wanted with almost no line at all! I am STILL sore from all that walking. Makaley and Greg are the daredevils in our family and rode several rides that the rest of us opted out of. I still can't believe they got on the Mind Bender. They even got stuck upside down and thought it was great! CRAZY!

Now we are all signed up for fall soccer and ready for school to start back next week. Actually, we didn't sign Greyson back up for soccer this season. Maybe he'll want to try again later, but for now, we decided his sudden decision to participate in one quarter every third game, even if he did make a goal, wasn't worth the embarrassment of watching him run around with his shirt over his head the rest of the time. :) He did seem interested in softball, though, so maybe we'll try t-ball next summer. In the meantime, I wonder if he'd enjoy a stint in gymnastics? We ought to put him in tap class, as much as he likes to dance and watch himself doing it. You know those big wall mirrors they have in dance studios? He'd love it!

My job situation is about to change at the end of September. Our testing facility at Vance AFB is becoming a National Testing Agency, which is a good change. However, that change eliminates my job as a contracted test examiner. I am hopeful that maybe the school that will be running the National Testing Agency might need a proctor. I would think that might be a possibility, anyway. After 8 years, I have mixed feelings about the situation. Part of me is excited about finding something new to do, but I wouldn't have chosen to leave my testing job. I'm anxious to see how things end up. All this worry now, but in a few months, it will be settled.

Everyone have a great weekend!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Deer in my headlights!!

Thursday morning I hit a deer while doing my paper route. That was a first for me, although I do see them often and have had them dart out in front of me before. This one, though, just seemed to appear. I didn’t see it until it was right there! I slammed on the brakes, but there just wasn’t enough time. Fortunately, the impact wasn’t too bad. I did not have my seat belt on (because of all the getting in and out of the car I do during my route), but I don’t think I even moved at all. My CD didn’t skip either, which surprised me because every little bump in the road seems to affect that player. But, all my unrolled newspapers did fall into the floorboard. :)

When I opened my eyes, everything was calm and there was no sign of the deer. I did not get out to look, but I hope that since I was able to slow down considerably, maybe he ran off and will just be bruised. Don’t know how likely that is, but I can hope! The car seemed fine, too, so I just drove off and continued my route. Next time I was out of the car for a porch delivery, though, I checked out the damage. Wow! The passenger headlight is gone. The little light below that was dangling but still attached. Turns out Greg was able to stick that back in, though. The Navy Wings license plate that came on the front of the car can probably come off now. It’s all mangled. (Sorry, Dad!) And the hood is crunched up on the passenger side. There is also a crack in the windshield that I don' t think was already there. We're taking it for an estimate today. However much it is, fortunately, we only have to pay our $100 deductible. Unless our rates go up as a result …

Monday, August 17, 2009

And off to school they went!

Well, I just put all three of my kids on the school bus for the first time this year, and now I am sad. I don't work today so I have seven hours to sit home and cry. :) No, I won't really do that. But I guess it has finally caught up with me after my bragging on Saturday about not getting upset when I left Greyson at Pre-K on Thursday.

He was so happy to finally get to ride the bus with his sisters this morning! The bus driver, Mr. Bingham, often drove a mini-bus last year, and was kind enough to pull into our long driveway, all the way up in front of our garage for the girls to hop on. However, today he was in the full-size bus so he had to wait for us at the street. Also, he arrived a few minutes before we expected, so we weren't out there waiting like we usually try to be. The girls ran on ahead and boarded. Then, the bus sat there while a couple of cars stacked up behind it, and everyone watched as Greyson and I followed slowly. (The complete opposite of his cousin, Pejo, Greyson does not run everywhere. Especially, it seems, when it would be helpful for him to do so!) But oh, what a big smile he had on his face! This giant bus waiting there just for him! Finally, he got on and sat near the front with Susannah, on the seat in front of Makaley. Then they all three waved at me as they drove off for their five-minute ride to school.

My life has just changed forever, hasn't it?

And then, there was this other conversation today. First of all, I should explain that as I was finishing up my paper route this morning, I was admonishing myself because I feel like I am always falling short of being the mom that I want to be. I am so tired some nights (like last night, in particular) that I am not patient enough, I'm easily irritated and uninterested in playing games or doing all the little tiny things that are constantly asked of me. I don't want to be like that as often as I have been lately. I want to be less selfish and always happy to make time for my children! I want them to love me and be proud of me and when they grow up, I want them to be able to say that I was the best mom ever! So I have some things to work on.

Well, I was rushing to get everything done this morning and everyone ready on time, so Greg stayed a few extra minutes and helped get hair brushed, etc. Susannah came into the kitchen as I was making her PB & J sandwich and said something about that. I said, "Yes, you have the best daddy in the world, don't you?" She agreed, and then Makaley from the entryway added, "And the best mom!" Then Susannah said, "Well, we should just say the best family because we have best grandparents, too! And the best friends!"

And that was exactly what I needed to hear. So for now, all is right in my little corner of the world. If I could just get these tears to stop falling ... :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wow, two posts in one day? From me, could it be? :) Well, I was reading over my last few entries and thought I'd follow up on a few of the things I mentioned in them.

Makaley had her first loose tooth at one writing. Well, it did indeed come out, as did the one next to it. So she has two front, bottom permanent teeth now. I don't think she's lost anymore since then. Susannah lost two within just a couple of days, if I remember correctly, around the time I said she had three or four loose. And just recently, about a week apart, she lost two more. And those two, Makaley pulled out! The tooth fairy was duly impressed, I guess, and left Makaley 50 cents each time for her efforts. :)

We haven't started piano lessons yet. I was going to sign them up with Mr. Dooley (the elementary music teacher), but he left Waukomis Elementary to pursue a career in law. Interestly, the girls told me last night that the new music teacher is Mr. Dooley's uncle! Such is life in a small town, I guess. :) I don't know if he teaches lessons, but I did get the name of someone in Enid that I may contact before too long. I may even sign Greyson up, too. He really loves music. He seems to have a special interest and knack for playing drums, though. Aren't we lucky?!

We took swimming lessons this summer. The girls did, I should say. Makaley took a 2-week class on base and loved it! She got to swim every morning for ten days. Susannah insisted on private lessons (four 1-hour sessions), but that turned out to be a great thing. She learned a TON and basked in the one-on-one attention from her teacher. I was happy that they had so much fun.

Oh, and Greyson is still being wild. Although it has gotten some better -- or else I've just adjusted to the change. :)

Life is good. I hope you can all say the same!